This form of critique is handled separately from our magazine submission process, and works submitted here will not be considered for publication. If you would like an in-depth analysis of your piece with actionable feedback this is a great option. You will receive a double-spaced page review of from one of Typehouse's working and senior editors within three weeks. This is a great option both for if you have a short piece you need help with, or if you would like to see an overview of how the editing process works before committing to editing for a longer work such as a novel or chapbook.

For prose submissions:

  • Things covered may include plot, characterization, setting, tone, and language, as well as other aspects of the piece. 
  • Works may be any length up to 10,000 words
  • For all works up to 2,000 a $25 minimum applies
  • For longer works the rate is $25 + 1.5¢/word over 2,000
  • All works less than 5,000 will receive a critique of two pages, works within 5,100 - 7,000 will receive three pages, and works 7,100 - 10,000 (max) will receive a critique of four double-spaced pages.

For poetry submissions:

  • Things covered may include voice, structure, imagery, tone, and form, as well as other aspects of the piece(s)
  • Up to five poems (maximum of 10 pages) may be submitted.
  • Feedback on the first three poems is $25, up to two additional poems may be added for $10 each
  • The first three poems will receive a critique of two double-spaced pages, with each additional poem receiving two paragraphs of feedback.

For all submissions:

  • Nonrefundable deposit of $25 will be collected upon submission, with subsequent fees billed before work begins.
  • Turnaround time is two weeks from when both manuscript and payment have been received
  • Editors will be assigned based on suitability for the submissions, however you may request the same editor for a new or revised submission.
  • Marginalized authors will be eligible for a 5% discount during the corresponding Typehouse submission period
  • Editors will be available for one email response to questions after returning the critique, within reason
  • Works edited through this format are not eligible for submission to or publication in Typehouse
  • Any manuscript that violates our guidelines will be rejected without critique or refund.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.